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Less than 1.5 hours to submit your final demo and compete for prize money!

:fire: :fire: Less than 1.5 hours to submit your FINAL demo to GuaanaIf you haven’t started making your 2-min video yet, you better start now! Submissions close 13PM UTC. 

DO NOT leave your submission to last minute, it can take 30mins to fill out the forms and upload videos. If you’re late, you’re late - and out of the competition.

PS! Only teams who submited their ideas to Devpost in the beginning of the hack and showed up for checkpoints during the weekend are qualified for the finals and prize money.

Helpful links: 

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The Global Hack has started, welcome onboard!

The Global Hack has started! 

  It's time roll up your sleeves and get to work! You have 48 hours.

1. Join our Slack if you haven't. It's where you get all the updates from the organisers.    There is a respective Slack workspace for the track you've selected:   Arts and Creativity / Media and Entertainment   Work and Education   Crisis Response - Mental Health - Health and wellness   Governance   Empowerment and Solidarity in Action   Economy and Environment
2. Invite your team members to register on Devpost & join your Devpost…

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Late submissions started!

The Global Hack: Late submissions!

To be more inclusive, we have extend the submission deadline for applications to take part in The Global Hackathon for 9 hours, until April 9 09:00PM UTC AND the minimum team size requirement is 2 people.

This means that you can still submit your ideas and form teams on Devpost.
Once you have a team formed. Join [LINK] and go to the #late-arrivals where you get more guidance.

almost 4 years ago

Submission Deadline EXTENDED by 9 hours!

We see many of you are still uploading so we’ve EXTENDED the deadline by 9 hours! Team and idea registration will close UTC 21:00!

If you can’t find your idea and team submission HERE then it’s probably still in draft mode. Note you do not need to fill out all the fields – do the ones you can.

There are some fields (Challenges I ran into, Accomplishments that I’m proud of, What I learned, What’s next, Demo, Demo video) which are hardcoded in the Devpost registration process which leave the impression that the submission is for finalised prototypes. Fill out…

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almost 4 years ago

Final call for submissions

There are only 3 days left to complete your submission for The Global Hack.