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over 3 years ago

Less than 1.5 hours to submit your final demo and compete for prize money!

:fire: :fire: Less than 1.5 hours to submit your FINAL demo to GuaanaIf you haven’t started making your 2-min video yet, you better start now! Submissions close 13PM UTC. 

DO NOT leave your submission to last minute, it can take 30mins to fill out the forms and upload videos. If you’re late, you’re late - and out of the competition.

PS! Only teams who submited their ideas to Devpost in the beginning of the hack and showed up for checkpoints during the weekend are qualified for the finals and prize money.

Helpful links: 


Need help? find #final-guaana-submissions or your team mentor


Tips for your 2 minute final demo video
  • Demo your actual working prototype: this is proof that you can not only dream, but actually BUILD solutions. This is very important as slideshows or non-functional prototypes will NOT get to finals and compete for prize money.
  • Make it clear what problem are you solving and how are is going to make a difference.
  • Stand out. Judges will be looking at MANY demos in a row. What makes your team or solution unique? Creative approach? Technically impressive solution? Great design? Point it out if needed.

Have Fun!

The Global Hack Team