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over 3 years ago

The Global Hack has started, welcome onboard!

The Global Hack has started! 

  It's time roll up your sleeves and get to work! You have 48 hours.

1. Join our Slack if you haven't. It's where you get all the updates from the organisers.    There is a respective Slack workspace for the track you've selected:   Arts and Creativity / Media and Entertainment   Work and Education   Crisis Response - Mental Health - Health and wellness   Governance   Empowerment and Solidarity in Action   Economy and Environment
2. Invite your team members to register on Devpost & join your Devpost submission (project). See guideline.

3. Invite your team to Slack.

You will get a team mentor to guide you throughout the hackathon. Keep an eye on the #track-annoucement channel to find who's yours and what you need to do next! 

5. Need more team members? 
Look for teammates either on a dedicated channel on Slack (#looking-for-team) OR find the people on Devpost looking for a team. See guidelines.

PS! Please note that the teams should be composed of minimum 2 team members.

We are so glad to have you with us,
The Global Hack team