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Hello, My name is Maia, From Georgia and I am Master of Business Administration. I have a lilttle bit of experience through the Hackathons I have participated in before. However for this challenge I would love to work with people who have hands on experience and theoretical knowledge about It so that we can build a good and useful prototype. I am looking for inspiring and friendly team maybe we can change something together.


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    Hi. My name is Geidar, I am from Kazakhstan currently live in Russia. Recently came back from the United Kingdom after almost 6 years of studies there. I am a Master's graduate specialising in Politics and Security. I am actively looking for a team.

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    I'm into an out reach called Orphanage for vulnerable children in Nigeria. Plz, I need team mates who can assist us in strategic thinking,plans and implementing ourprojects for communities delopment ,entrepreneurial and empowerments.Thank you

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    It's probably easier if you migrate to slack.

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    Thank you. But I don't have enough practice in English and I prefer to be on the team with a Georgian of my nationality. Sorry

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