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A Global Voice for Survival: An Ecosystem Approach to Advocacy, Public Policies, Research and Teaching Programmes

Recovery of natural and built environments depends on the recovery of men and, inversely, recovery of men depends on the recovery of natural and built environments. The process is enabled at various levels: through the intrinsic links between cultural diversity and biodiversity, through its influence on production and consumption patterns.
To change the paradigms of growth, power, wealth, work and freedom embedded into the political, technological, economic and educational institutions, we must develop institutional capacity, judicial neutrality, informational transparency and social spaces for civic engagement.
Public policies, communication, advocacy, research and teaching programmes should define and deal with the problems in view of the “general phenomenon”, not as isolated issues, object of segmented projects, reduced academic formats, mass media headlines or market-place’s interests.
Instead of reducing the problems to the bubbles of the surface (effects, fragmented, taken for granted issues), problems are defined and dealt with in the core of the “boiling pot” in view of a holistic, ecosystemic framework: an “ecological civilization” includes natural and built environments, health, education, equity, ethics, safety, justice, beauty.
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